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sunnysidesims: Hey there! Can I ask wcif that jacket/cardigan thing that Skylar is wearing? C: 

Look here, it was just posted :)

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nemuuuuuuu: I hope it hasn't already been asked but how do you edit your landscapes? Do you use actions or..? This is beautiful ;w; 

Well, I sometimes improvise (for example, here), but I usually use the Landscape action which you can get here :)) (I used it here I think)

Anonymous: Whuch hq mid do you use? 

I believe it’s Dach’s HQ mod. Here's the link, but I'm not sure if that's the newest patch xD

purrplesimmer: hi! Do you respond to wcif's? Cause I have a crap ton of them cause you use the nicest cc I swear to god. Thank you! 

Haha, sure, ask me anything, I’ll try to reply but I can’t promise anything because I’m often busy :P

urbanhypesims: So happy to see tou posting!!!!:D i missed your beautiful pictures!!! The house looks awesome!!! Do you think you could put up another house you have decorated up for download? I absolutely love how you decorate and I already have my simmies live in the ones you have up!:) thanks love, hope to see you pop up in my dashboard more :D 

Aww thanks for liking my posts :)) Hmm, I don’t know, because lately I’ve been having problems with my game and I seriously doubt I could share one of my houses D: But I’ll try :D

mckinneymini: Hey my love where can I find the poses at the very top of your page when you click "poses" one of them is the one where the girl is on top of the guy and then there are some other ones right next to that :-). Thank you so much!! Have a great day lovely!! 

Do you mean the one on the last pic in this post? :))

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